Meet the designer

Our line represents a carefully curated collection of pieces handmade by the designer herself, Michelle Tapia.


Michelle has had a lifelong passion for fashion and design.  Her professional journey into the world of fashion first began when she took on a modelling career in her teen years.  She loved everything about the experience, from the creative people she was surrounded with, to the different aesthetics she was able to experiment with.  Being in front of the camera as a model was an exciting line of work for Michelle, but it took no time at all for her to realize that the design and styling side of the business is what truly excited her.  Her passion persisted and years later, Rayen Collection was born.


Michelle began her line with custom handcrafted accessories.  Her designs are glamorous and sexy and were well received by a client base that developed quickly.  As her confidence in herself as a designer grew, so did she continue to grow her knowledge and skillset and before long, Michelle expanded her collection to include swimwear and clothing - Again, all of her own designs, all handmade by her personally, and with all pieces reflecting her glamorous and sexy signature aesthetic.  From garments, Rayen Collection has taken an exciting turn by penetrating the unique market of custom grills.  Grills are an edgy, on-trend fashion accessory for those clients of hers looking to make a more dramatic statement and Michelle loves that she is able to cater to this niche.  In all of her crafts - custom jewelry making, clothing design and seamstressing, and metalsmithing - Michelle takes pride in the professional training she has had and the skills she has been self-taught.  As an artist, she has a constant desire to continue to learn new skills, develop her talent and break new barriers.  Nothing excites her more than to introduce new designs to her market.


The word “rayen” means “flower” in Mapudungun, the native language of Michelle’s homeland Chile.  To her, this word is perfectly symbolic of her approach to creating.  She seeks to work with a delicate hand and to produce pieces that are beautiful, as well as distinctly different from anything else out there.  The ultimate reward to Michelle for all of her hard work is to see other people express their own individual style and confidence through her custom designs…  And to watch her clients BLOOM in her pieces.


With that, we proudly welcome you to

Rayen Collection

© 2018 Rayen Collection

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